Branding Ringorang

Licensee will include the term “powered by Ringorang®” in connection with the name of the Program at least once in each marketing communication made about the Program.  The term will so appear at least once as text that is searchable by Internet search engines, where applicable.  The term will appear no smaller than the smallest font size used by Licensee in any such communication. 

Examples of marketing communications include, without limitation, emails, print pieces, proposals, case studies, press releases, articles, white papers, reports. 

The name “Ringorang®” will include the trademark symbol, and will not be spelled in any other manner (e.g., not ringorang, RingORang, Ring-o-rang, ROR, etc.). 

If any such communications include hyperlinks to Ringorang domains, the Licensee will embed such links in hyperlinked text and also provide the full hyperlink in parenthesis. For example: 

"For tech support, visit the Ringorang® HelpDesk ("


Titles: Bitter Regular - #717171

Body Text – Noto Sans - #868686

Download attached zip files of these fonts.

Note: if using for designing, use Coustard instead of Bitter. (Noto Sans is in Canva).

Key Color Green*: RGBA: 5bbd97

            R: 91  G: 189  B:  151  A: 255

Events – RGBA: 2ca0da (blue)

R: 44  G:  160  B:  218  A: 255

changePUSH – RGBA: fcb813 (yellow)

R: 252  G: 184  B: 19  A: 255

complyCHECK – RGBA: dd474e (red)

R: 221  G: 71  B: 78  A: 255

*use Green as a default, as well as for product versions not identified herein.

Approved Ringorang® logos are available in this folder.  If you wish to use Ringorang® logo in a different way, Licensee must contact for permission in advance of any such use.  And any such use is subject to Licensor’s advance approval. 

Having trouble with the above hyperlink to logos? Copy and paste the following into your browser: