Know the Game

  • Every Challenge has a maximum and minimum points that apply to you winning or losing points for a Q played in both LIVE (in Group mode) and MAKEUP (in Solo mode).
  • Some Challenges will give you MORE points in LIVE mode. Always check the Game Rules to find out. So if you have Unplayed Qs, you can play them anytime before the Challenge ends. 
  • Every question ("Q") answered is scored based on speed and accuracy.
  • You get MORE points when you answer correctly and FAST.
  • You will lose more points if you answer incorrectly and fast. If you don't know the answer, it's a smart strategy to answer slowly. If you KNOW the answer, don't wait! Answer fast!
  • No player's score can ever drop below zero.

Player's Tip 

If a player starts at zero and gets a first Q incorrect, their negative score on that Q has no effect, because their score is already zero. This adds a bit of intrigue to the Challenge in that users have a kind of "safety net" on their first Q - and if the user gets every other Q right, but another user gets a Q wrong further into the Challenge, that safety net may have made the difference in crowning the winner!