A Ringorang Challenge is defined as a period of gameplay that ends with a winner on the Leaderboard.  


Challenges can be of any length but are typically from between 1 - 30 days.  The most common length is one week.  


Challenges are played in two different formats: 

 Group (Live) and Solo (Makeup).

In live Challenges, each Q is sent to everyone's app in real-time, at intermittent times of day, between the start date and end date set for the Challenge.  This is typically from 3 - 6 times per day.  Sound like a lot?  It isn't to the user. For years, we have found that users of all ages will engage multiple times a day if the information is relevant and doesn't require much time. Even if you send 6 Qs per day, you are only requiring a few minutes of attention daily.

During a Challenge, each Q sent can be played as LIVE for higher points, or as a MAKEUP Q for slightly less points (this is configurable). The points can also be configured to have the same value regardless of answering live or in makeup mode.

When you play Qs in makeup mode, you are playing solo (by yourself) at a time that is convenient to you.

Sponsors often develop and run multiple Challenges in a single program—what we call a Series.

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