The specified goals of the EduGage program are as follows: 

  • Engage utility customers 6x - 10x more often 
  • Establish a habit of responsiveness
  • Instill new/increased efficiency behaviors
  • Get more out of current programs
  • Educate customers on investments they can make
  • Deliver invitations and info about new programs
  • Create educated customers!

 The above goals support the following Areas of Interest:

Customer Outreach.  The greatest obstacle to effective outreach is establishing an ongoing relationship and a flow of interactive information AFTER contact is made. Sign up each contact to a Ringorang-delivered flow of information, tips, help aids and references to keep them fortified with information – while keeping the utility fortified with data on customer awareness and uptake of relevant programs.

o Utility Service & Program announcements.  The utility can plant reference information and announcements and links in each delivered Ringorang “game question” or “Q”.  Ringorang establishes a controlled continuum of communications that repeatedly references important Service and Program information.

o Customer Satisfaction Surveys/Research. Ringorang Qs can drive users to surveys, offer incentives to take them, catch users’ attention at key moments of the day on their mobile device to send them survey opportunities; moreover, Ringorang itself is an evolution of the survey format, applying Experience Sampling Method (ESM) to establishing two-way interactions that provide key feedback to the utility multiple times a week, and in a manner that the customer enjoys.

Utility-specific Marketing / Branding Support.  Think of Ringorang as a custom-branded engagement and distribution system that delivers frequent, light reminders of information that you want customers to adopt.  Each Ringorang Q is designed to reinforce a marketing/branding message, and can even send the customer to review other collateral, such as e-newsletters, bill inserts and the utility’s website.

o Public Relations Information. Deliver your messaging through Ringorang, and deliver your Ringorang users to your messaging wherever it resides. Further, you can incentivize customers through Ringorang to spread the word for you on key PR messages.  Use Ringorang to make educated advocates of your customers.

Technical AssistanceRingorang is a fully hosted delivery system for your messaging.

o Energy Efficiency Program Utility Participation and Re-participation Offerings.  Keep your customers aware of new programs, and keep them up-to-date on how current and past programs progress.  Use Ringorang to drive engaged users to new or updated offerings.

o Electronic newsletters for sector-specific customers (Residential, Commercial, and/or Industrial).  Use the system’s ASK Content Matrix to segment and manage messaging across multiple sectors. Create efficiencies by parsing content that is global (across all sectors) from that which is specific to sector.  The Ringorang system facilitates value-added services including email blasts, text blasts, IVR and print/mail support as a complement to customer-engagement in the Ringorang app.

Web-based Behavioral Program and Demand Response

o Motivate residential customers to reduce their energy consumption using proven Behavioral science techniques and strategies. Ringorang offers a library of energy efficiency and conservation content. It is offered as part of the Ringorang product offered in response to the Proposal:  Energy EduGage.  This Ringorang program was developed as “Play-Learn-Win: Learn a Little, Save a Lot” by NV Energy, DTE Energy and behavioral experts in marketing and learning, funded in part by grants from the US DOE.  This program also offers content relating to TOU and CPP plans and has proven to be an effective support for customers learning to shift their usage behaviors to conform to new rate plans.

Web-based Digital marketplace

o Provide customers an on-line tool to acquire products that meet utility-specific requirements and potentially qualify for Utility rebates and/or Program Participation. Ringorang does not include a “storefront” for products and services; however, Ringorang does serve as a support to driving customer awareness of products and services.  Think of Ringorang as a way of driving customers through the conversion process with welcomed repetition – i.e., through awareness, consideration and conversion.  As a value-added service, Ringorang/Licensor does provide web development services through partners who are experienced in developing and running web retail platforms.

Behavioral Data Management Program. Ringorang’s system serves as a self-contained data segmenting and insights management system. Its data can be correlated with utility data as a value-added service provided by a partner; however, this integration service is not Ringorang’s core value proposition. On request, we would be glad to recommend a partner resource for this capability; and, in that event, Licensor would provide any requisite software and data/analytics support.

Watch the Webinar on the results from Federal trials.