Ringorang generates two levels of Return On Investment (ROI)


ROI #1: Recapture Lost Value!


Whenever you spend money on communicating with your people, you might just as well throw away 80 cents of every dollar you spend. Because that's how much recall of your communications your people lose --  because they forget.  Ringorang enables you to retain 62 cents of the 80 you would normally lose.  You can measure that, and take it to the bank.

ROI #2: Ongoing Benefit of Recall!


Now that you've achieved sustainable recall (with ROI #1), your audience is 400% more likely to take actions you want them to take. That improves performance, revenue, efficiency, morale, change-readiness and growth, on an exponential basis. What do you want to see improved in your organization by running your Ringorang program?

See how this works: