Ringorang's patented engagement process makes the app impactful and different:


  • Ultra Light:  Whereas other leading gamification solutions can be costly and time-consuming, Ringorang is an inexpensive plug-in that gets you results right away -- and without taking time away from your users' daily routine.

  • Controlled Thought Continuum (CTC):  The Challenges push questions at random times, to everyone at the same time, on a ticking clock.  It establishes a 'back of mind' awareness among users, keeping them on their toes for when the next question arrives.  Your users will be more focused and able to retain more without even knowing it. That's science!

  • Non-Intrusive:  Ringorang's play pattern uniquely keeps users engaged through the day, without requiring them to be pro-active or take time out of their schedules. Engagements last for less than a minute -- which is all it takes to strengthen the right neural pathways.

  • Social: Ringorang makes better use of our natural tendency to socialize what we learn.  When questions arrive in the app, they are a fun surprise!  And they become the subject of the most productive kind of "water-cooler" talk.

  • Retention:  Ringorang has tested its 4-part question sequence (Clue>Question>Insight>Learn More) in Federally backed trials, and proven that it drives measurable retention and enjoyment!  



Here are some other important differentiators of Ringorang:


  • Controls:  With DIY tools, you control the timings, the amount of content, and the level of complexity.  Using our time-tested ASK content development methodology, you can ensure compliance, new habits, more attention, more engagement, and even boost morale! Learning retention is no longer a guessing game.

  • Speed:  The Ringorang system does not touch your company's systems.  So getting approvals from your IT group is a snap.  Fast setup, and fast results.

  • Low-Cost:  With your DIY tools, you control the costs based on size of your user-base and duration of the program.  And you can control both, dynamically, throughout the year.  For the cost of a book, you can ensure that each of your users commits your information to habit.

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