Ringorang reverses the Forgetting Curve. This is how Ringorang helps organizations to avoid some of the most expensive mistakes – even saving lives. With Ringorang, you get a fully customized, branded learning app that delivers measurable behavior shifts. And it uses a time-tested “gamification” format, so your users enjoy engaging with your information instead of considering it drudgery.

The Ringorang app downloads to smart mobile phones and tablets, as well as to PCs. What differentiates Ringorang is its patented, light engagement mode. This mode uniquely keeps users engaged through the day without requiring they take time away from their busy routine. The results are consistently 6x to 10x more engagement than traditional modes, and 83% learning retention (instead of the typical 21% retention average without Ringorang). These metrics and more are provided on a real-time data dashboard.

This technology has brought the future of learning and communications into practical reality. For the first time, organizations can deliver and measure ongoing learning retention on a daily basis without tiring the user. And they can even control the degree and depth of learning, in real-time.

For the end-user, it’s a fun and social experience that incentivizes them to spend their “in-between” moments on building better habits.


From an organization’s perspective, Ringorang is a cloud-based system for developing and delivering important information, and then assessing and reporting that the information was actually retained.

The system effectively formats and delivers an organization’s existing content in bite-size pieces; then ensures that users revisit that content over and over again. Users are engaged in a “Challenge” (a gameplay period that ends with a winner) which is fully customized and branded to your organization. Typically a Series of multiple Challenges are delivered over weeks or months. Each Challenge typically lasting between 1 – 7 days, where a few contest questions are delivered throughout each day -- for just a minute or less each time. This pattern leads to pre-determined learning and engagement goals, every time.

The result for the user is measurable learning and habit formation; and the result for the sponsor is real-time diagnostics on user comprehension that hits the mark every time.