Topstacking is the technique of repeatedly bringing select information to the top of mind so it is reinforced and remembered.  

One way of visualizing this is to imagine the volumes of information that your brain assimilates as a tall stack of documents on your desk: you might be variously familiar with every document in that stack; but you do not recall all of the information in those documents, and you certainly cannot think of all of it at once. Now imagine pulling a document out of the middle of the stack and placing it on top so it is visible to you – attracting your attention. Imagine doing that repeatedly, one by one over time, with the most important 20% of those stacked documents, and committing their content to memory.

As the principle goes, by repeatedly Topstacking that critical 20% you will develop significant recall of 80% of the knowledge you need to make quality decisions relating to that information. To the extent that that key 20% interconnects with the information in the other documents, you will also be able to understand and readily access knowledge of the remaining 80%.

The ASK information retention methodology uses Topstacking as an embedded technique for designing learning and communication objectives.