There's nothing quite like Ringorang's patented* retention process: 

Learning in mass quantities is the old way. It didn’t work. Repetition spaced over time is the new way to learn. It works.. This is how the brain is designed to assimilate information and gradually form habits. Because Ringorang®’s roots are in entertainment, getting your users to pay attention repeatedly is no longer a challenge. We make important information interesting and interactive. One piece at a time.

Check out the short video that explains Ringorang's patented technology and how recall is a natural byproduct:


*Patent Nos. #7,946,910#8,231,470 and #7,805,151.

Product Background and History. Ringorang® is a patented technology that has emerged  from a decade of research and development (R&D) and about four years of pilot testing and trials. A prototype of Ringorang® was tested in 2008 and was initially positioned as a marketing tool that delivered information through a gamification format, while collecting marketing related data from targeted users. 

The economic downturn halted progress with marketers and advertisers, forcing a product reposition in mid-2010. At that time, management determined to expand the product’s capabilities from a marketing tool to a learning platform. In late 2010, when Ringorang® was contracted to deliver compliance training for a 

major utility company, a robust market was identified in the energy industry that needed  Ringorang®’s unique capabilities to solve emerging problems and capture new opportunities – in educating both customers and employees.