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1. Do I have to be competitive to win a prize? 

Not necessarily.  Depending on what prizes the sponsor of your Challenge has made available to you, you could win for a variety of reasons.  For example, you could win an Instant Win prize, at random, just for answering a given Q.  You could win a Sweepstakes prize by drawing -- where every time you answer a Q, you earn an entry into that drawing.  And, of course, you could win for being a top contender on the Leaderboard; which depends on how many points you earn answering Qs.

2. How do I earn more points?

Points are earned by answering Qs.  You are awarded points based on SPEED and ACCURACY.  There is a ticking clock on each Q that looks like a red fuse crawling across your app screen.  The more time ticks down, the fewer points are available to win if you get the Q right.  But answering fast is not always best, because the revers is also true!  The more time ticks down, the fewer points are available for you to LOSE if you get the Q wrong. 

3. How do I find out what prizes are available?

If your Challenge has prizes available, you can learn about it here:

a. Click out of your Timeline screen (top left "x")

b. Click icon to get into your Challenge

c. Click the ICON AT THE BOTTOM of the Series Details (not the "Play" or "View" button) to view your Challenge Details

d. Click "Rules, Prizes & Privacy" on the bottom of Challenge Details

e. Click the "Prizes" tab (top) and scroll down to review all disclosures

 Prize page under Rules Prizes and Privacy.PNG


Good luck!