Until the end of each Challenge, you can always catch up and play any Q that you've missed when it was first delivered live (in "Group" mode). This catching up is done in "Solo" mode, by playing a Q at your own convenience, instead of playing it when it is delivered live to everyone in the group simultaneously. 

Some FAQs

1. Do I miss out on any prizes if I play in Solo? 
Not really.  If there is a lower point value for Solo than Group Qs, then you have a BETTER chance at topping the Leaderboard by playing in Group mode, but you can still win playing in Solo (see #3 below).  Typically, random giveaways (such as Instant Win prizes) and entries into drawings (such as Sweepstakes prizes) are awarded to players both in Group and Solo modes. Review your Rules and Prizing disclosures for any customized rules around prizing (see instructions in #2, (a) - (e) below).

2. Can I win the same amount of points in either Group or Solo mode? 

Sponsors may choose to award more points for answering a Q in Group play vs. Solo play -- or the sponsor may choose to award points equally in either mode. Review the "Gameplay" description to see how points are weighted in your Challenge...

Rules Prizes and Privacy - Gameplay.PNG

a. To find this screen, click out of your Timeline screen (top left "x")

b. Click icon to get into your Challenge

c. Click the ICON AT THE BOTTOM of the Series Details (not the "Play" or "View" button) to view your Challenge Details

d. Click "Rules, Prizes & Privacy" on the bottom of Challenge Details

e. Click the "Game Play" tab (top), and scroll down to review the "Point Value" section

3. Can I really be competitive if I only have time to play in Solo mode?

Yes. Even when points are valued differently in Group vs. Solo, many payers have WON their Challenge playing entirely in Solo mode!

4. Does speed count on Solo play?
Yes. Speed counts toward your points, whether in Group or Solo mode.  The faster you answer, the more points you win or lose.

5. Where do I find Solo Qs in the app?
To find Qs to play in Solo mode, 1) open your Ringorang® app, 2)  make sure you've clicked into your Challenge and navigated to the Timeline screen, 3) click on any Qs stacked in your Timeline with show a "Play" button. 

Unplayed Qs stacked in Solo Mode in Timeline.PNG

A shortcut to your unplayed Qs exists at the bottom of the Timeline page.  Press "Unplayed Questions" button, and a list of all unplayed Qs will appear.  If you are up to date on all Qs, then the "Unplayed Questions" button will not appear.

Unplayed Qs stacked in Solo Mode drawer.PNG