When you first open the Ringorang App, you will be asked to Create Account:

You can then create an account quickly through Facebook, or Google+ Account. Otherwise, fill out the fields to create your account:

After you create your account, you will receive an email to confirm your address. To compete the process of validation, please find the email in your inbox and follow the instructions to confirm that the email address belongs to you. (If you successfully signed in via Facebook or Google+, there is no need to confirm your email as those services have validated you already.)


Once you successfully complete the registration process, you will be placed on your Home page, the "My Challenge" page where an Invite Code is required to access Challenges. 

Before going further, make sure you have your "Invite Code" handy. Currently the app is by invitation only.

If you have an Invite Code -- usually provided by an employer or 3rd Party Sponsor -- then simply enter that Invite Code at the bottom of the page and press "Submit": 

Once you've entered your Invite Code and gained access, the specific Challenge that you were invited to join will be displayed! Then just "Join" that Challenge and you're in!

No Invite Code? You may be eligible for a free demo!

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