Find the screen below that looks substantially similar to the screen you are on in the app! :)

(Go into your Ringorang app and find which screen you are on from the images below. Keep in mind that the sponsor of the Challenge you are subsribed to may be different from the example sponsor shown below (AARP). In any case, the layout of the images below will be the same in your app.) 

Click the big Challenge icon, which takes you to the image shown below.

Click "Invite a Friend" (bottom right of app screen)

Click out of the Timeline (top left "X"); you'll be on the My Challenge page as shown in the first image at top (scroll to top). Just click the big Challenge icon; and then you'll see "Invite a Friend" (bottom right of your app screen).



Enter one (1) email in the field, and press "Send"! 

You can also customize the message in the box before sending, so your friend knows what you're asking them to join and why. Just type over the "Your friend John Doe..." message and press "Send" when you're ready.


Now do it again! Click the "X" and invite more friends - one email at a time.

Oops! Did you get this screen?

This may be why: 

  • Only send to one (1) email per "Invite a Friend"
  • Double check the email address to make sure the spelling, punctuation and spacing is complete and accurate.