This usually indicates that there is no network available. What is happening at that point in the startup process is that the app is trying to connect to our server to verify connectivity. If it keeps spinning, this indicates that the app can't find the Ringorang® server.


This can be due to a number of issues..

Is the phone in coverage? WiFi or Cellular. If no coverage, then the app can't proceed.

Is this a PC or Mac? 

If so, the first thing to try is opening a browser to verify that you have network connectivity. If you can successfully open and view a website like Google, then your connectivity is probably OK. Perhaps just try again.

Is the PC/Mac or phone on a local network and behind a firewall? 

If the device is being used inside a company, a lot of times the company firewall prevents outside apps from accessing the internet. In this case if you are on a smartphone, try disabling the WiFi so the phone goes back on the carrier's data network which should allow the app to connect to the Ringorang® server. If this is on a PC or Mac inside of a company and behind their firewall, then there may be no other solution other than to ask you Network Support people to open the network up for the Ringorang Application. (submit a trouble ticket to us and we can send you or your IT dept an informational document that describes what is needed to allow Ringorang® to communicate through firewalls)

Is the PC/Mac outside of a company, but using a VPN connection back to the company's network? 

This case is similar to #3 above and must be dealt with by talking to your Network Support team.

The install process screwed up somehow. Try deleting the app and then going back to the App Store or install site and re-download the Ringorang® app.

Also, it has been reported that very rarely when first installed, the iOS Ringorang® app will not get past the "spinning" stage. If you see this happen, it has been reported that the following may resolve your issue:

In you iPhone or iPad, go to Settings, then Notification Center. Scroll down until you find Ringorang®. If it is set to NONE, change it to "Banners" or "Alerts" and turn ON the Sounds Toggle.

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